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  • What Is Remote Diagnostics

  • Are Auxiliary Power Units (APU's) worth the investment?

  • Which ELD is right for me?

Remote Diagnostics, simply put, is a system to let drivers know what the engine fault codes mean without having to pull over or go to a dealer. That is grossly generalizing the term, but that is the basic concept.

There are many additional features and benefits. There are limitations and services needed to generate this information. Not all engines provide remote diagnostics. Drivers can get updates from leasing companies, OEMs, or third party providers. In some cases, drivers can be notified before a breakdown occurs. This form of predictive maintenance is where the industry is heading.

Here is an article from Noregon with additional information

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What Is Remote Diagnostics

There are hundreds of ELD's available (Electronic Logging Device.) Determining the right system for your truck or your fleet depends on what features you need or want.

All of them comply with the regulations enacted in 2018 that eliminated paper driver logs and required electronic filing. Most of the ELD systems offer additional services and features including GPS, engine reporting, fuel economy, some even integrate with routing software.

Here is a list of the FMCSA approved ELD systems and providers

ELD - ELD List (

Which ELD Is Right for Me?

Auxiliary Power Units (APU's) are available in diesel or electric power options. They can cost anywhere from $7,000-15,000. Are they worth the investment?

The simple answer is if your drivers use them every night, yes you will realize a return on your investment. The average savings per night is 8 gallons of diesel (compared to idling.) At $5 per gallon that is $40 per night, over $200 per week. In addition, using APU's reduces DPF Filter maintenance as idling is a primary cause of clogging them.

However, if your drivers do not use the APU every night, you have a tougher decision to make. Here is an article from with some additional information on APUs.

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Are APU's Worth The Investment?

Geotab said this is the only CARB-compliant continuously connected fleet management solution available at this time.

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GeoTab Earns CARB Approval