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Besides hiring drivers, acquiring and maintaining equipment, finding customers, and scheduling deliveries, there are multiple regulations that need to be followed. Here are a few resources to help with driver related compliance:

Driver Qualification Files


Driver Random Drug Screening Program



Insurance Filing Requirements:


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Whether you are just getting started in the transportation industry, or you are a seasoned veteran, here are some resources to help.

Not everyone needs a DOT Number. If you are hauling hazardous material, or operating over 10,000 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) and participating in "interstate commerce," you are required to have a DOT Number.

Interstate commerce has several qualifications including but not limited to leaving your state a certain amount of times, or traveling more than 100 miles from your domicile location more than a certain number of times.

States might have slightly different requirements to please check your state's requirements. Here is a link to the DOT website for additional information.


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Do I Need A DOT Number

Your CSA score can impact many areas of your business. Shippers will check your CSA score before hiring you to gauge how reliable you will be to complete their deliveries. Insurance companies look at your CSA score and it does affect your insurance premiums. You should monitor your CSA score regularly. If you notice an error, there are procedures to follow to make corrections. Remember when your drivers are cited, that goes against your company's CSA score for 3 years so you want to hire the safest drivers you possibly can.

For more information on your CSA score click here:


Understanding Your CSA Score

DOT Website: (Department of Transportation)

FMCSA Website: (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

NHTSA Website: (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

SAFER Website: (Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System)

NPTC Website: (National Private Truck Council)

Additional Resources